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About the Founder
Classically trained in Eastern Europe, Rozalia Ravitsky has a unique teaching style that allows students to grow creatively while developing their musical identity. Her compassionate, direct, and collaborative approach brings satisfaction and progress quickly. She has an understanding of cognitive and musical capacities for every age group and pushes to expand children's awareness and knowledge through music. There is a specific program for every age range to educate and further solidify their musical awareness while preparing them for the next level at the academy.​
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"The most beautiful thing with the academy celebrating its 25th year is having the families that started at the academy over 20 years ago still with us. Many families have sent all of their siblings, each growing from each other. Plus watching the once small children grow up to having their own join the Academy is a real life  'circle of life'. The bonds we have created through music lasts forever".

                        --- Rozalia Ravitsky

Anna Hakobyan is a classically trained concert pianist who studied at Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan, one of the most prestigious conservatories in Europe. She also works at the Music Department at UTSA. She has taught at European Piano Academy for 8 years with amazing results.