European Piano Academy & PianoByColor™

PianoByColor: Simple. Easy-to-Learn. Starting at 3 yrs old.
With over 15 years of success, PianoByColor™ has introduced the joy of playing music to the very young. Utilizing the basic principle that children, aged three and up, have an understanding of colors, PianoByColor™ uses this skill set to have these colors represent selected noted, allowing them to play the colors and hearing the melody come to life. From the moment the child sits at the piano, they are able to experience the concept of what it is to play the piano. 

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  At this age, the student usually starts in a small group of two to four students. This way they are able to develop playing skills while interacting with the other children in the class. Surprisingly by the first recital, the students are able to perform short pieces. Eventually they begin to play instruments independently by reading notes through color. This begins to prepare them for individual music class. Using the Suzuki Method, children experience increase concentration, develop complex language skills, improve their imagination and enhance their self-esteem, all while being enriched with classical and familiar music.